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About intra.work

Effectively organize and track discussions and projects. Connect teams and work together using multimedia and multi-devices. Safely store, access and protect your communication data.

Why intra.work?

For your business to be successful you need to ensure your teams have access to all they need to know at a glance, no matter where they are or what type of device they’re using.

With intra.work an unlimited number of in-house and external organizational stakeholders can meet, communicate and share in a totally secure and customized environment that keeps a record of everything communicated – whether in writing, images, videos and other documents – in one place.

Activity stream

The timeline allows tracking of all activities. Members can update their status, comment, upload pictures, video, files…


Create collaborative groups or private groups to be used for certain projects or with clients. Manage different administrator options.


Organize, manage and share events with specific groups or users. Users will be notified about event changes and can add them to their calendars.


Don't miss anything with the notification system. You can customize your email notification preferences.

Media management

Upload, organize and find videos, photos, presentations and other documents published in your groups and events.


Send private individual or group messages.

Project management

Create projects with a wall, time tracking and tasks that can be assigned to specific team members.

Branded Community

Create your own community using your brand.

Search facility

Find what you need fast with our Keyword Search.

The art of communication is the language of leadership

James Humes

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Keep stakeholders engaged, connected and informed in real time in a fun way.


Improved communications for better teamwork.


All of your company’s essential data efficiently organized and stored in one, safe place and easily accessible from any connected device at any time.


Manage and track projects and activity anywhere in the world. Quickly identify and respond to the needs of your business network and make decisions in less time.

Mobile apps

iOS and Android intra.work mobile apps




per user/mo

14 days FREE trial

Ideal for growing companies and organizations
5 GB total file storage per member
intra.work community Support
Native apps for iOS, Android
All feature access


Custom price

For larger companies, institutions, and organizations of any kind with bigger needs
Unlimited file, photo and video storage
Email and phone support
Native apps for iOS, Android
All feature access
Your own domain
Advanced brand customization

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